Empowering Dreams: How ATLinBusiness is Supporting Entrepreneurs in the City

You have an idea and the passion and willingness to work hard - but to truly build a thriving business you need more. Ronnie S. Rose, owner of Self Healers Yoga in Atlanta, knows that too well. The story of Self Healers Yoga is a testament to the power of passion and the invaluable support that initiatives like ATLinBusiness can provide to budding entrepreneurs.

For Rose, the journey toward creating Self Healers Yoga was deeply personal. In the face of anxieties and stresses brought on by the challenges of 2020, she found comfort in the practice of yoga. Recognizing the transformative power it held, she dreamed of a space where others could tap into their inner selves and create peace. 

"People often turn to yoga at their breaking point. I teach how to use the resources you have inside you to help figure out how to manage. Yoga can really help with that," Rose passionately explains.

However, the path from a passionate idea to a thriving business has its challenges. Rose, like many entrepreneurs, recognized the need for structure, guidance, and expertise. This is where ATLinBusiness, an initiative by Invest Atlanta, stepped in to bridge the gap.

ATLinBusiness offers invaluable, no-cost services to small businesses in the City of Atlanta. One of the program’s standout features is its ability to pair a business with a consultant who possesses the precise skills to support that business’ needs. For Rose, this meant finding a consultant who could provide the necessary support in website development, marketing, and business planning.

"I was matched with a consultant that had the skills I didn’t. I have the passion for my business but needed structure and a way for people to find out about me. Before I worked with ATLinBusiness, I was doing everything on a whim. I didn’t even have pricing," Rose shares.

Rose says the help she received from ATLinBusiness really got her started and this is just the beginning. For now, Self Healers Yoga provides personal one on one or small group sessions, but her hope is to open a brick and mortar Self Healers Retreat and Wellness Center. 

ATLinBusiness is playing a pivotal role in nurturing these aspirations, one small business at a time. If you are a small business in the City of Atlanta and interested in learning more about ATLinBusiness, visit the website and begin the process of being partnered with a consultant at no-cost to you. 

Learn more about Self Healers Yoga here.

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